[August 22] Server Merge Announcement

[August 22] Server Merge Announcement

Dear Lord, to improve the server configuration and your gameplay experience, we’re going to merge some servers at 23:55 on August 21 (Sunday). The merger will last 8 hours by estimation, and during this period, players cannot enter the game. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

Time: 23:55 August 21 (Sunday)—08:00 August 22 (Monday)

Compensation: 1,000 Ingots, 5 Golden Chests, 5 Golden Keys

During the maintenance, the login and top-up access on the following servers will be temporarily closed.

Merged Servers:


1. Please link your game account to a third-party account as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

2. The login access of the original servers will be maintained after the merger.

Gameplay Rules after the Merger

Login & Top-up

1. Players' accounts and characters will not change.

2. The login access will be maintained. Players can log into the game as usual.

3. The top-up access will be maintained. Players can top up as usual. Multiple characters under the same account: If the player has multiple characters under a third-party account, they can log in from the original server access to reach the corresponding character.

For example, if S1 and S2 are merged, players can log into S1 to play the character on S1 or S2 to play the character on S2.

Duplicate Character and Legion Names

1. If two or more characters have the same name, the one with the highest Power will retain the original name, while the other characters will be distinguished by additional numbers, such as 01, 02, etc., after their names. If there is still a conflict, another set of numbers, such as 0101, will be added. All the renamed characters will get a chance to pick a new name for free.

2. If two or more Legions have the same name, the one ranked the highest on the Legion leaderboard after the merger will retain the original name, while the other Legions will be distinguished by additional numbers, such as 01, 02, etc., after their names. All the renamed Legions will receive 2000 Ingot as their rename fund.

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund purchasers of the merged servers will add up to the number of purchasers on the new server.

Legion War

The city occupation before the merger will be cleared. All the Legions need to declare war and occupy the cities again.


Arena Rankings will be reset and players will be re-ranked according to the server numbers and positions.

For example:

The rankings after the merger of S1 and S2 are as follow:

No.1: No.1 of S1

No.2: No.1 of S2

No.3: No.2 of S1

No.4: No.2 of S2...

3-Star Clearance Records

The records will be cleared and regenerated by the players who first clear the stages after the merger.

Monthly Sign-in Event

The sign-in progress will be retained.

The sign-in rewards will not change for this month. From the next month, all the servers merged will have the same rewards.

Events Suspension

To ensure that the server merger goes smoothly, from the day before the merger to the day when the merger is completed, some events will be suspended, while the ongoing events will continue as normal. Suspended Events:

Miserable Defeat

Stargazing Dragon

Guan Yu Trains Horse

For example:

The merger is from 23:55 on August 21 (Sunday) to 08:00 on August 22 (Monday), so the events from August 20 (Saturday) to August 22 (Monday) will be suspended. After the merger is completed, the suspended events will be back.

For more information, please check the Q&A we have prepared.

Q&A about Server Merger: https://www.romancesamkok.com/cn/news/detail?id=35 Merger Event Time: 00:00 August 22 (Monday)—23:59 August 23 (Tuesday)

Targets: Merged servers

1. Daily Login. After the merger finishes, log in on the 1st and 2nd day to get 588 Ingots, 5 Lucky Packs every day.

2. Double Drop. During the merger event, drops from Main Quest Instances and Elite Instances and Fame from Arena are doubled.

3. Legion Events. Participate in the following Legion events to get 288 Ingots, 3 Lucky Packs: Legion Boss at 12:00, Legion Boss at 19:10, Legion Trial, and Legion Quiz.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please report them to customer service. Thank you!

How to report an issue:

Customer service mailbox: csdh@playbest.net

Login Interface: Tap the fourth icon on the right.

In-game: Main Interface "Avatar" → "Service" → "Customer Service"

Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok Operation Team

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